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Your cheatin' heart

Monday, October 4, 2010

Man, you'd think that after submitting a dissertation and becoming a doctor, one would have a little more free time, but instead I am still swamped!  Almost every day for the next two weeks I'm busy!  So I had a long-ish correspondence I was going to prepare for you, but it's taking me too much time to put together.  Wednesday.  Promise.

Instead I found this one, which for the most part seems like a pretty clear cut story:

Rick - I give up.  Going back to-day, Saturday.  Have heard something which is hard to reconcile with your accounts of illness and departure, though it seems circumstantial.  Will reserve judgment till you explain.  I do: but if you have deceived me this goodby is final.  What shall I do with commissions?

That's right, you tell him, girl!  (Or guy, who knows.)  Clearly, Rick and our anonymous author are in some kind of affair, but Rick keeps missing dates.  He's not feeling well.  He's leaving town for the weekend.  Can we reschedule, darling, I love you, but life is so complicated right now!  Anonymous Advertiser is suspicious, but in love, so s/he acquiesces, is patient and understanding.  But finally, through a friend of a friend of Rick's first cousin, Anonymous Advertiser hears that Rick has been seen around town with some fair damsel.  He was at a party one night when he said he was home sick and had to cancel their plans.

So, Anonymous Advertiser has had it up to here and says, that's it, I'm done.  Maybe there's an explanation, because s/he did hear about this from a friend of a friend of Rick's cousin, or whatever, but she/he's had enough with all the suspicion and uncertainty.  Screw that.  If Rick can come to wherever s/he is, and explain satisfactorily, then s/he's all ears.  Otherwise, s/he loves him, but s/he's done. 

So I say, go on, Anonymous Advertiser!  Way to stand up for yourself!  Given how many of these people beg and plead their SO's to come back in these ads, it's a pleasure to see someone having just a little bit of pride and saying enough is enough!  Word.

The only question is: what are the commissions?  That kind of throws off my whole theory because it suggests they're actually business partners or something.  But the rest of the ad does not have the tone of business partners.  Maybe close friends.  But I like my interpretation better.  Which means I don't know what to do with the commissions.  Oh well.  We'll never know!

©2010 Pam Epstein


Mimi October 4, 2010 at 2:56 PM  

Reading it, I thought commissions might refer to letters Rick has sent her/him in the past. The OED doesn't back me up on that interpretation, though.

Kathy R October 4, 2010 at 3:21 PM  

Maybe they are business partners and the "accounts of illness and departure" were missed meetings with clients and/or lenders. That would explain the commissions. But it does erase the romantic aspect.

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