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Mystery Girl

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blogging from 33,000 feet (so the pilot just said).  How I love in-flight internet!  Of course, I thought I'd be able to do work today but unfortunately the website I'd intended to use is down.  Naturally.  So I thought I'd do this instead.  Just a short little ad that I found so awesome.

Dear mysterious Lizzie - Are you a myth or a reality?  Received your charming note and repaired to the appointed place.  Did the weather disappoint you?  If sincere in your desire, meet me Sunday evening at same place, same hour.  Au revoir.  P***.

Oooh, I love it!  The intrigue!  The allure!  Who is mysterious Lizzie?  How can P*** not be sure if she's a myth or reality?  Have they not met?  And if not, how are they in touch?  Did they perhaps find each other through a missed connection ad or a matrimonial?  Or some other way?  I can see the scenario now: P*** gets a note from Lizzie, somehow, so charming and flirtatious that he's all, "I have to meet this girl!"  Maybe they correspond a little, and of course she's only signing her first name (who knows if it's her name at all??), but her letters are just enthralling.  Funny, arch, with just enough details about herself as to keep him wanting more...maybe even a carte de visite or lithograph!  So he begs for a meeting, and she eventually consents, and he goes to the place she requests...and she's not there!  Yet, P*** isn't ready to give up yet.

So awesome!  I would write this novel too...except that someone already did!!  There was a best-selling novel in 1908 called The Lure of the Mask, which basically has this exact plot.  Or anyway, the story begins with this scenario (more or less).  So yeah, I'm not actually that creative - I totally copied the story of that book (which is surprisingly good and was made into a movie in 1915).

But I don't care because what is so great about this is that that book is just a novel.  Yet there actually was a somewhat similar situation in reality.  Well, myth or reality.  Who knows.  Who cares? 

Mysterious Lizzie!  Who are you?  Where are you?  Did you ever rendezvous with P***?  I certainly hope so...

©2010 Pam Epstein


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