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Sunlight and Snow Storms

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ha ha ha ha!  This one is funny.  I have no idea if it means what it says or if this is kind of like people looking for someone to "ski" with on Craigslist (aka, do coke.  Mom, don't ask why I know these things).

A Southern widow, stranger in this city, would like a sleighride; turnout must be good and owner a gentleman; triflers need not reply.  Address Snow Storm, Herald Uptown office.

What?  I really don't know if this is for real.  I guess, you know, why not?  And yet, what a strange request!  I get the impression from the little bit of Googling that I did that a "turnout" is another word for a sleigh, which makes me think this is serious.  Maybe she's a south Georgia peach who's never seen snow before, is on a trip alone to New York in February for some reason, and seeing all these people riding around in sleighs and wants a go.  So, she advertises!  And why not?  Doesn't this look like fun?  Maybe we should try to hook her up with the guy from yesterday, and he could teach her how to skate!

Or maybe "sleigh ride" is another way of saying that a girl just wants to have some fun but in a way that can't be openly advertised in the nineteenth century.  Anything's possible...but I prefer to think that she really just wants to experience a real sleigh ride.

Anyway, on the same day, as a nice little weather balance:
Sunlight - Sweet existence, have pity on me.  I love you as I do my life.  Stop and see me before you go to matinee.
My theory: "Sunlight" is a beautiful chorus girl and a very susceptible youth has fallen head over heels with her because she's flashy and exciting and kicks up her skirts.  Or she's like Roxanne.  I dunno.  That's just what I get from the matinee comment.  Or maybe she's just a girl going to a play.  I think I may read too much into these sometimes...

©2010 Pam Epstein


Babs October 31, 2010 at 7:44 PM  

this is quite amazing... I barely speak/write english, but do understands a lot. Never though these kind of... hobbies if I could call it that way, I mean this blog and these things you post... well... thank you for doing it, these cheered me up right now...

And also for your observations of every ad because they are smart... sometimes it´s very hard hard for me to find these days something interesting to read on the internet, something light but smart... Usually the way of... redacting texts (in most cases) are quite the same, boring, whatever... but this is... I don´t have the right word right now, should I say "fill full"? maybe a mature (thanks to god) way to look life...

Pam November 5, 2010 at 3:54 PM  

Hi Babs, thanks so much for these kind words! I'm glad you are enjoying the blog!!

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