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So romantic!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seriously, Blogger, your new(ish) picture upload process really sucks.  I can't get new images to load again!  How am I supposed to be a successful and prolific blogger if I can't upload the ads I'm blogging about?  Argh.

Rant aside, here are two ads right next to each other that I thought were sweet.  If we're very lucky, by the time I finish writing, Blogger will be working better; if not, you'll just have to trust my honesty.  As if I need to invent ads anyway; there will always be great ones to share, and I could probably never come up with anything so good as the real thing.

G. - Got note.  Are you sure the spell is broken?  If anything prevents me from coming at nine to-night, do not leave town till I see you.  Ah [?] "the long, long weary days!" L.
H.A.L. - Send small picture.  That sweet face is not as pale.  There is no possible danger of your causing any trouble.  Two letters and papers were received.  Write often.  Send to 110.  At leisure after the 3rd.  Bird

There's a word I couldn't quite make out there in the first ad - I'd ask for your help but, you know, can't upload.  Grr.  It looked a lot like "trust" or "must" or "test," three words that make little sense in this context.  I could probably find a way for any of them to work, but I think I'd be stretching.  So, what's the deal?  "Are you sure the spell is broken?"  What does this mean?  Someone has finally realized that a person thought to be good is in fact bad?  Someone who had complete control over a situation finally lost it?  Maybe G's parents thought poorly of L. for some reason and finally they have been convinced of L.'s true worth?  I'm not sure.  The last seems most likely as G. and L. seem to be separated from each other and are spending "long, long weary days" apart.  I assume.

The second ad is equally cryptic.  The line about H.A.L. not causing any trouble intrigues me the most.  My first thought is that "Bird" is married, H.A.L. wants to send a picture but fears his wife will see it, and he's reassuring her that it'll be fine.  But in that case the roles would be reversed - H.A.L. would be publishing personals while Bird would be sending letters.  (Although I suppose the whole point is that her letters won't be seen.)  But it could mean any number of other things: Bird's family/friends approve of H.A.L. so there's nothing wrong with her sending pictures openly.  Or maybe H.A.L. is a criminal and fears a postmarked envelope will reveal her location.  Somehow I think that one is probably not the case though.

I'm super sleepy and so not feeling too capable of inventing clever explanations.  You guys can give it a go if you want!  Unfortunately my final attempt to upload the image failed...maybe tomorrow I'll try again.

Having trouble reading the ads? Click one to enlarge!

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