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From Down Under

Sunday, June 6, 2010

There's nothing particularly unique about this ad, but I like it and thought it makes for a nice, quick Sunday entry:

M.O.D.L. - Wrote you Sunday.  Not received.  Love you with all my heart.  Never absent from mind.  You are my oracle, you know; quite my approval.  Australia.

How sweet!  It's so rare to find these loving little ads that are not totally depressing and heartbroken.  Usually it's all: why did you leave me? or star-crossed lovers or whatever.  Nothing of that here.  Just a heartfelt declaration of love.  Makes me happy.

Of course, that doesn't mean all was well in M.O.D.L. and Australia's relationship.  After all, if their relationship is so great, why are they communicating through the personals?  Any sanctioned love affair shouldn't require clandestine ads or pseudonyms.  I am intrigued by what Australia means by: "Not received."  How would he/she know if a letter he/she wrote to M.O.D.L. was received or not?  I think more likely the "not received" refers to something that was sent (i.e., "your package was not received") in shorthand.  Wonder what that might be?  Also, "quite my approval."  What is that?  Again, shorthand for something, I suspect.

But, whatever, that's not what catches my attention about this ad.  I just like it when the advertisers keep the language simple.  The correspondence between Vine and Trellis was certainly great reading, but I would find it exhausting being addressed like that all the time (okay, I don't know that for a fact - maybe I'd like it!).  This is the sort of ad that really touches you.  Or me. 

Whatever the case, it is so, so pleasant to run across ads with absolutely no drama.  What a relief.

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