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Another foot fetish

Friday, June 4, 2010

People were really into feet, weren't they?  This one has a bit more of a risque feel though; reminds me of one of the best ads I've ever found.

High Heels. - Have not seen you in seven years. Would like to address same name, 24 University place.

Okay, it's not much like that wonderful ad (but hey, any excuse to link, right?).  But I'm intrigued by the "High Heels."  Interesting choice of a nickname!  Even more interesting: the seven-year gap.  What happened seven years ago?  What happened in the intervening years?  Why reaching out now?  I suppose the obvious possibility is that the writer, say, got married, or moved away, and just came back, or divorced (or was widowed).  So now he's hoping that "High Heels" is still around and available.  This makes me suspect that "High Heels" is probably not someone our writer would ever want to marry.  Still, it's intriguing: if she's a prostitute, the odds that she's still in business seven years later is small - or if she is still in business, after seven years, I can't imagine she's in the same great shape she was seven years before.  If she's not a prostitute, then what's the deal?  Curiouser and curiouser.

Hmm....I was going to post another ad but suddenly Blogger doesn't want to upload pictures.  So I'm going to leave off here.  But maybe I'll get to the second one tomorrow...

Having trouble reading the ads? Click one to enlarge!

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troubadour June 6, 2010 at 8:22 AM  

Hello Pam,

What a treat to run across your blog last night, having found my way there from the Big Onion site. First off, congratulations on your successful dissertation defense! And on your move to Brooklyn. And on the one-year anniversary of your blog (perhaps like some of your historical subjects, I am an old-fashioned believer in the "good things come in threes" adage). Speaking of numbers, I was so struck by the seven-year interval of the "High Heels" ad, for I've been working in recent years on the subject of biographical rhythms, and 7 is the most conspicuous of all! I just finished a little article about the 33-year rhythm, that will no doubt strike you as very odd, but since from one of your other posts I note that you are in your 33rd year, if you would like to take a look, please send me your email and I will forward it.

In November of 2009, my daughter turned 33, and I wrote her a long letter reflecting on when I turned 33 (and decided to enter the PhD program in history at Rutgers, which led to my discovery of Rudolf Steiner, and thus was a life-changing event for me), and suggested to her that in the next few months, a turning point would come for her. Just one month later, totally out of the blue, she decided to leave her husband and move from Aspen CO to NYC. In February I moved her in to an apartment in Cobble Hill (and here there is one other small "co-incidence", and another congratulations in order: you had barely arrived in NYC and got that Valentine's Day op-ed; a month later, on the heels of my daughter's move to Brooklyn, she and her housemates made the Times -- complete with photo! -- in a piece about young folks throwing in their lots together, and violating the city ordinance (no doubt dating from the late 19th c. massive wave of immigration) against unmarried people living together.

Which reminds me of another number-related comment I had: why not state the date (year especially, but even the day is often significant) of the ads that you post in your blog? I looked through many and couldn't find a single date! I bet that your readers, who like me find your detective work so eye-opening, would love to have the dates so that they can do some historical speculation of their own.

Egad, I'm sure I am violating contemporary blog comment etiquette by going on way too long, but you know those academic types! I'd love to transform this into a real conversation, for I have the sense that you could help me with my current research and writing project -- a book on "love at first sight." This is way outside my professional bailiwick (but not personal bailiwick, for it was on March 13th, during that awesome Nor'easter, that I met a woman on an elevator in the Kimmel Center at NYU, and had an immediate experience of love at first sight; I proposed to her the next day, and we married 5 weeks later), and I even had an idea to track down Trudi Abel to query her about all this, as I seem to recall that her dissertation was on 19th c. juvenile literature, and that she was interested in notions of romantic love, etc.

OK, I'll stop there! I just interrupted this screed long enough to look up Trudi's email address, and then figured I would find yours too, so I could attach the article I mentioned. And now I have sidestepped my violation of blog comment etiquette perhaps. But having sporadically kept a blog ( I know the delicious pleasure that comes from receiving comments, so I have gone ahead and posted this email -- that started as a blog comment -- in your comment box at "Advertising for Love." Thanks for listening, and thanks for unearthing these little humble pleas for love from the past.

Faithfully Yours (my favorite 19th century signature),

Kevin Dann

troubadour June 6, 2010 at 9:54 AM  


Oh my! I forgot to say that just moments before I came upon your "Another foot fetish" post last night, I had just read this post on the "Et cetera" jobs area on Craigslist:

Foot Worship Parties NYC is looking for very pretty girls with pretty feet to get paid on average
$300 - $400 per night to have their feet massaged and kissed at our weekly foot fetish

So, plus ça change, plus la même chose! I also forgot to mention that it is not uncommon for memories to surface suddenly after 7 years. A case in point from Thoreau's life: 7 years after he set fire to the Walden woods, he burst into a long reflection upon it in his journal. These 7 year surfacings are often quite wonderful windows into the psyche.


Pam June 7, 2010 at 8:48 AM  

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for this comment (or, comments)! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog and that it sparked your interest so much. I'm not much into numerology but you've really uncovered some intriguing possibilities!! I will definitely check out your blog.

Best wishes,

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