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Today is a special day

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Because it is the one year anniversary of the debut of this wonderful  blog (says I modestly.  The first entry was May 9, but I didn't officially make myself public until May 26.  So happy anniversary to myself.  Have I received the amazing book deal I not-so-secretly hoped I might?  No.  Has this otherwise been a pretty darn successful venture?  Indeed yes!  So now, with a New York Timesop-ed under my belt, some very good press, and a year's worth of experience, I venture on to Year Two.  In Which the Book Happens?  We shall see.

Despite this special day, I do not have a particularly special ad for you, because I'm moving tomorrow and don't have the time or energy to hunt down anything exciting (by the way: expect no blog post.  Movers arrive at 8am).  But I do have a nice matrimonial from an interesting sounding guy, and this is one of the earliest ads I discovered - so that, at least, makes it somewhat special. ish.

Matrimonial. - A gentleman wishes to open a correspondence with a young lady with a view to matrimony; she must be prepossessing, liberally educated, not over 23 years of age, and one who would prize a happy home and the approving smiles of a devoted husband above the applause of the fashionable world.  The subscriber is a gentleman of refinement and culture, and although young, has traveled extensively, and imagines he possesses qualities which would prove attractive to a lady of the above description.  Address, in sincerity, E.T.C., Box No. 180, Times Office.

I am obviously way, way too old for this man, being on the verge of 33 myself (sigh), but if I wasn't, and if he was, you know, alive, I would totally go out with E.T.C.  I mean, he's not perfect.  I appreciate that his point is that he is not interested in society life and doesn't want a wife who wants to go to fancy parties all the time and impress all the people around her.  I dig that.  But there is something in the line about prizing "the approving smiles" of a husband that rubs me a little bit the wrong way.  Like, fine, you don't want a preening wife who craves approval of fashionable society.  But "the approving smiles" of a husband just sounds so condescending.  You get where I'm coming from here?

However, I will let that go because that's frankly the way most people looked at marriage back then, and I'm sure if E.T.C. was alive now he'd be more progressive.  There's just something about his tone that I like.  He sounds really, well, sincere.  I wonder how young he is?  Not wanting a wife over 23 doesn't signify much, cause you see ads all the time from 40-year-old men who want wives no older than 25 (and let's face it: there still are today).  But since he calls himself young I'd guess he's probably about 25 or so himself.  I think under E.T.C.'s somewhat formal ad there's a romantic really hoping to find a loving, wife.

Oh, my roommate just returned home after a 6-month absence!  Must run.  New post Friday, if all goes well.

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DSK May 26, 2010 at 7:16 PM  

Someone should've told that poor guy to consider Washington's example.

P.S. Congrats on the milestone!

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