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More stalkers!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Unbelievably, these two ads were printed on the same day. What is wrong with these men?

I met you three times yesterday. First, Broadway and 18th st., and last, Broadway and 21st st., and you must know am great admirer. Will you grant honor of your acquaintance? Describe dress to avoid mistake and address Blue Eyes, box 130 Herald Uptown.

Gentleman who sat next to petite lady in Ninth avenue train Thursday morning, about 9 A.M., and again saw her at same time as train passed Fourteenth street station Saturday morning, and who has ridden with her often in Tenth avenue cars, is desirous of an honorable acquaintance. Address Timepiece, Herald office.

OMG!! Those poor, poor women! The things they had to put up with! I mean, sure, I don't know what's really going on here - I guess it's as good a question to ask why these women are cavorting around town all by themselves as to ask why these guys are following them everywhere!! I feel especially sorry for the second lady - that guy meant business! It's not even weird or inappropriate, it's disturbing.

Granted, when you live in the same place long enough, you're bound to start recognizing people whose daily schedules match your own; I see the same people on my subway train all the time. So I guess if both of them are, say, going to work at about the same time and the same direction, it's reasonable that they would often end up in the same Tenth avenue stagecoach. But he saw her on several different trains, not just on the daily commute. Even the way he says he has "ridden with her often" I find a little odd - it seems like he's got this idea in his head that they were riding together rather than as strangers who happened to be in the same car. The poor thing! He sat down right next to her! She must have been freaking out!

It's creepy! And the first one isn't much better. Again, as they are both in the same neighborhood, it's possible that they might have run into each other accidentally twice - that I can see. But three times in one day? Plus he says she must know he's a great admirer - does that mean he's followed her around before? How awful! I hope they both got away with nothing worse than a couple leers. I'd be afraid of being followed home at night if I was in their shoes!

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