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All I ever get is sad love

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First off, I totally forgot to post an awesome link that my uncle sent me the other day. Please check this out - it is wonderful. If I had all the time in the world, I would love to make one of these for my ads. What is it? A map of missed connections!

But on to the topic at hand, another one of these interesting correspondences, that is, of course, tragic. Because they are all tragic. See for yourself:

Lou - How can you be so cruel to treat me thus; you are killing me physically and mentally and financially; I will wait to see you Monday evening till 8 o'clock, rain or shine; after that you will never see or hear from me again; heed nobody's threats, I'll ask no questions; I'll protect you; for God's sake, come. G.W.A.
Louisa W. - Three letters in the Post office for you. G.W.A.

Lov. W. - My dear, letter in Post office for you. G.W.A.

Lov. - If this means quits, say so; that will end it.  If not, your address.  Need money, say so.  Address G.W.A., Post office.

Love - For God's sake, write to me or come to the house; I'm nearly mad, this is the fifth advertisement and the last; all I have is yours; anywhere you wish to go I'll take you; only come to me or write; sorry for my rash letter; allow me to explain, for God's sake.  You know my address, where I went when we parted.  What did you do with the furniture?  G.W.A.

Lou - I've not heard from you since you left Harlem.  What have you done with furniture?  Letter for you in Post office.  Address G.W.A., Herald office.

Lou - I found furniture and will sell it next week if I don't hear from you.  Address Post office, or to N. G.W.A.

Oh dear.  This one is a little confusing because G.W.A. addresses several different names throughout this correspondence, but it's got to be the same people.  Lou, Louisa, Lov, Love - all very similar.  I would think the "Lov" is either a typo and meant to be "Love" or "Lou," but it seems odd that it happened twice in a row, but in any event, it's close enough.  These are spread out over about three months, pretty sporadically, and clearly this relationship was pretty up and down.

Of course my favorite part is the furniture issue.  Here's this guy, freaking out, madly in love, begging his girlfriend to speak to him, take him back, not leave him...and then he wants to know what she did with the furniture?  What?  Doesn't that seem a little superfluous given the situation?  If I was madly in love and going through this drama, the last thing on my mind would be our furniture, where it is, and what I'm going to do with it.  It almost makes me think this isn't a love affair at all, but some kind of complicated code, but I hate to fall back on that all the time just because something doesn't make sense to me.

Maybe it was really, really expensive furniture!

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