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Will these lines meet your eyes?

Monday, March 8, 2010

This ad reminds me of Charlie, which is really saying something, given how truly amazing Charlie was. Of course it's not as long (almost nothing, short of Bertram's ad, is as long as that one). But the sentiment and language is similar. So fascinating!

Will these lines meet your eyes? I have seen you since some time, but your looks were altogether indifferent. Do you take me to be an ungrateful man? You deceive yourself. I love you yet, I do. A hidden duty has obliged me to play the indifferent towards you; still you never can be forgotten, you shall be forever the sweetest remembrance of my past. The cherished flowers you sent me are kept, though withered, next to my heart. The Stranger.

I used to read the Craigslist missed connections sometimes (research! I swear!) and I remember seeing one once that nearly broke my heart. It wasn't a missed connection in the sense that I've been using them, but more like this ad here; someone wrote this long, heartfelt, loving letter to an ex whom the author knew never went on this website and would never, ever see it. I've actually seen this a couple times - people sort of reaching out across the void in this way to try and find closure, I guess. And this ad, he starts it "Will these lines meet your eyes?" and I wonder - is it the same thing? Did this couple ever communicate by way of the personals and so there was a chance she might see it, or did she read it for entertainment as many people did - or did he have no other way of expressing his feelings openly even though he knew it might never come to her attention?

I don't know. But it makes me inexpressibly sad.

And then the story itself is so interesting. What is this "hidden duty" that requires him to pretend indifference toward her? If he was married or engaged, that wouldn't be hidden, so it must be something else. But what? Is he like a secret spy who has to put country above love? Does he owe someone money and can't get involved with anyone until his debt is paid? Does he have a crazy wife hidden in his attic? It's so mysterious! This is really another novel in the making. If I could just finish the darn dissertation I could go write that, which I really think might be a lot more fun.

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