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A rendezvous

Thursday, March 11, 2010

There are hundreds - nay, thousands - of missed connection ads, but the vast majority of them are from men addressed to women.  What you don't see too often are ads from women addressed to men.  If I was going to ballpark it, I'd say something like 1 in 100, maybe even less.  Probably even less.  So when I do find them, it's always interesting.  When I find ones like this, I'm really intrigued.

If the gentleman, with a little girl, who made the acquaintance of two ladies about the 1st of last April, at Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, and afterward in Concord street and other meetings, will address the blonde lady, as below, stating the meetings and the name he then gave her, if he would like to renew the acquaintance he can do so; state all particulars to avoid a mistake in party.  T.S.C., Herald office.

I always like it when places I'm familiar with show up in the ads - so it's kind of neat to see a mention of Fort Greene Park, which is not the part of Brooklyn where I live, but is a place I spend some time now and then.  So that's nice.

But really, you all don't care about that, do you?  What is up with this scenario?  Actually I don't think it's all that mysterious.  This guy is out taking a walk with his little girl and meets two women, one of whom he strikes up an affair with.  Classy, dude.  You solicit young women when you're out with your daughter?  I wonder whether or not he was married?  He could have easily been a widower, but given that their subsequent rendezvous were in various different places (or anyway that's how I read the "Concord street and other meetings"), I think maybe not.  Anyway, for whatever reason, he's lost interest, and she's either lonely or needs cash, so hoping to reignite the affair.

Anyway, you would think that the location of their meeting might be useful in trying to figure out who they were, but it's hard to say without doing some research.  Concord Street is located right about on the border of two hoity-toity neighborhoods called Vinegar Hill and Dumbo (I know, very clever).  So there are two possibilities.  One is that they were a little hoity-toity themselves because there were a lot of rich people there.  The other is that the "lady" was completely the opposite, because Concord Street is not terribly far from the Brooklyn Navy Yards, and where there's a Navy Yard there are sailors, and where there are sailors, there are lots and lots of prostitutes.  Although of course she could have easily been somewhere in the middle.  If I was to go look at census records I could find out what kind of people were living on that street back then and be able to make some more definite conclusions about who these two were, but you know what?  That's not happening.  Sorry folks.

Well, I'm running pretty late this morning so I'll stop here.  But it sure is a fascinating little picture, isn't it?

Having trouble reading the ads? Click one to enlarge!

©2010 Pam Epstein


Bianca C March 11, 2010 at 12:37 PM  

Good interpretation, although I am thinking she was originally the one to cut him off. Since she is not giving permission for re-contact.

Perhaps her richer whale moved on.

Pam March 11, 2010 at 2:53 PM  

Good point - I could see it going that way too.

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