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Friday, February 26, 2010

Now here's a couple I'd like to know more about!

Pope Pius - Are you married? You have looked so cross of late, that I am happy to see you smile once again. Mary.
And the reply!

Mary. - Married? No. Meet me this week, same place, day and hour as last week. I may prevail with myself to be less diffident. P.P.

Oh my goodness! What have we here? This is so racy! Now, amusingly, the Pope at the time this was written actually was Pius IX, which just adds to my extreme pleasure in encountering this ad. I mean no disrespect to Catholics, but this is so very cheeky that I kind of love it. Oooh, I wish I knew the story! But since I never will, I must make one up of my own:

Mary (I wonder if that's her name, or if they're taking their heresy even further and took her pseudonym from the Virgin Mary which again, no disrespect, but - HA!) and Pope Pius met, perhaps on the street or in a stagecoach, and had a little rendezvous. Maybe a coupe rendezvous. But Pope Pius was being a bit distant and Mary was a bit mischievous and bold so she just out and out asked. Clearly Mary is not too troubled by the possibility of P.P. being married, since she doesn't sound remotely upset at the possibility. I think Mary was very, very saucy.

And P.P. has a sense of humor too. He's so dry! "I may prevail with myself to be less diffident." Ha ha ha ha! I love this guy! This flirtation the two of them have going on was so naughty! I am well aware that the Victorians were not stuffy and staid (if I wasn't before, this person would have convinced me). But I am still regularly surprised when I see such modern humor (or what seems modern to me - obviously, it's not new). Who were these people? Their language is so playful - Pope Pius especially.

What was their relationship? They've apparently met multiple times, so how could she not know his marital status? Were they intimate, or were they just promenading up and down Broadway now and then? I just found these the other day - I think I will have to do another search and see if I can find them again - I am dying to know if there's more to this story.

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©2010 Pam Epstein


Unknown March 6, 2010 at 8:05 AM  

I'd like to think they'd meet in a Catholic church and adjourn to the hotel afterward...

Pam March 6, 2010 at 9:01 AM  


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