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Love me, love my mother

Monday, January 4, 2010

Not really sure how well an ad like this would go over with the ladies!

Matrimonial. - An American gentleman, 35 years of age, of unexceptionable character and excellent domestic habits, wishes to join a lady of like qualities in a business that will make a profitable and comfortable home for both; and especially a home for the mother of the advertiser, who is declining in years, and very naturally desires the company and sympathy of a female.  The applicant must possess at least $1,000 in cash.  This is written in good faith.  A note addressed to "Sincerity," Herald office, stating when and where an interview may be had, will be treated with confidence and respect.

Um, okay, count me out.  I'm sure this guy means well, but I don't think this is really the best way to go about winning over a woman.  Let's recap: I want to marry someone who has enough money to make my business succeed, and who will take care of my old mother.  While I appreciate his filial devotion, it isn't exactly appealing when he says that he wants a comfortable home for himself and his wife, but especially for his mom.  Way to prioritize, there.  I'm trying to figure out any light in which such an ad would draw the attention of any woman who has any alternative.  I suppose a woman who really wants to get married and really can't find a husband any other way might think, hey, she's old, she'll probably die soon, so why not?  And, I guess, it is comforting to know that here's a guy who cares about his family.  It's just the business-like nature of this ad that makes it a bit off-putting.

Of course when I see the name "Sincerity," I can't help but be reminded of one of my all-time favorite ads ever.  If you haven't been around since Day One, you should go check that one out because it is fabulous.

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