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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This one is slightly disturbing.

"Only Investigate" - The writer of that brutal anonymous letter to a young and innocent girl had better make reparations at once.

Wow! I wonder what that was all about? My first guess would be that someone sent a letter to a woman telling her that her husband/beau was cheating on her. Like, "Investigate a little into your husband's private doings and see what you find." But calling her a "young and innocent girl" just sort of implies that she was really young - like too young to be married or having boyfriends.

Still, I suspect it was still something along those lines. I wonder what it said though, specifically. "Brutal" - that seems pretty serious. Though of course young and innocent girls could be corrupted by almost anything back then, so revealing infidelities and vice and so forth could damage her moral values just by being aware that infidelity existed! (Not to go way off topic here, but in the 19th century a lot of people were terrified by novels like The Three Musketeers and Les Miserables because in the first all the love stories were men courting married women, and in the second there's a prostitute who is painted sympathetically. Oh the horrors!!)

So, anyway, maybe it was something like that. Or maybe it was just a really filthy letter that shocked and upset this poor innocent girl. The interesting thing is the end, where the author writes that the person needs to make reparations at once. How is that to be done? An apology? Is the author challenging this other person to a duel? I wonder.

Hmm. Feeling less than inspired today so I'll stop here...

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