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More salaciousness!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last Tuesday I posted some ads that I thought were lightly veiled solicitations for casual encounters, but this morning I ran across two right next to each other that are pretty much see-through:

French Ball. - The gentleman to whom the lady living at St. Jalien Hotel made herself so charmingly agreeable desires acquaintance.  Address No. 6 Club. Herald Uptown office.

Gentleman in the city for two months would like to make the acquaintance of one or two ladies to call upon of an evening.  Leo Clouds, box 147 Herald office
I don't really have much to add to these that isn't already there right out in the open.  I wish I could find out more about this St. Jalien Hotel; it would give a lot of information about just who this charming lady was.  (I would have thought it'd be St. Julian or maybe St. Julien, but unless there's a typo it does appear to be Jalien.  Whatever the case, none of these three spellings show up on Google, so we will never know if it was a fancy residence or someplace a little less savory.)  I wonder what he means by "charmingly agreeable"?  It looks innocent, but somehow there's something that just seems a little, I don't know, suggestive about it.  Maybe she was just a truly nice girl, but I think the combination of the "charmingly agreeable" and the fact that she lives in a hotel give me the impression that she wasn't - or anyway, he thought she wasn't (if this was after 1896 I'd be way more certain about who she was).

As for Leo Clouds - I wonder if that's his real name - his intentions are rather blatantly obvious.  He wants to meet one or two women to visit in the evening?  Tsk, tsk, Leo!  One lady isn't enough for you?  This isn't about courting, or having someone to just hang out with at night because he's a stranger in the city.  And he's making that quite clear, because he knows good and well that no nice respectable woman would ever be willing to be one of two - not to mention having some guy she doesn't know come drop by her house.  It's interesting that he feels the need to advertise, though.  I've mentioned prostitution frequently here, so I won't go into details, but basically they just weren't that hard to find, even high-end ones.  Maybe he's hoping to get some without having to pay for it, but he doesn't make himself sound like much of a catch.  He's not even willing to be exclusive.  Does he think that there's just a plethora of women who are so starved for sex and companionship that they'd answer an ad like this because they're that desperate? 

You know what?  Scratch that last question.

No no, I'm kidding.  But in all seriousness, I think Leo was looking for escorts and maybe was too lazy to go hunt down a brothel.  Or maybe he wanted to make his arrangements before arriving in the city so he wouldn't have to waste a whole night finding the right girl(s).

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