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Lots of Love

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So I found a really lengthy and interesting correspondence that I intended to post today, but it was taking me forever to scan, save, crop, convert to .jpeg, and save again that I decided to take a break and post these three ads, which were all from the very same day. Love!

Philly. - No words can express my love and sympathy; flower was omitted; eyes fill and voices falter, but heart pledges whisper "Courage." Remember your promise; may the blessing of God be with you also, my brave, noble darling. 34T.

This I take to be a message to someone in mourning. Somebody died; "Philly" is heartbroken; "34T" is trying to comfort him/her (I'm thinking Philly's a woman, but that's just me). So that's pretty straightforward, but of course it's curious that 34T has to express his sympathy through the personals rather than sending a letter of sympathy - which I'm pretty sure they did back then? They must have done. But I can't remember. Whatever, that's besides the point; it just makes me think that there's some kind of secret something. Especially because of the "Remember your promise," which I think might be "your promise to marry me" or something like that.

Some Day - Your wish is law; fear not; "I fear no foe in shining armor;" will try to avoid but never retreat; now I pity you, my friend; don't hide your whereabouts, but trust Your Friend in Need.

This one is a little more confusing, but I think I can figure it out too. "Some Day" and "Your Friend" are involved in a relationship (illicit, of course), and Some Day is freaking out that her parents/husband are going to find out. "Your Friend" is assuring her that he'll back off if she wants, but he'll never give up on her, and fears no one who might come between them. Aw. That's kind of sweet. I hope they worked things out.

Nell, my darling, yours ex animo yes; no; yes. Harrie, Herald Uptown office.

This one I just like cause it's kind of funny with the "yes; no; yes." Ex animo, by the way, according to the internet, means "from the heart" or "sincerely" in Latin - if I'm wrong I know one of my readers can correct me if she catches this post. Obviously Harrie is responding to some questions, but it's still amusing - makes Harrie sound like a crazy person. ("Yes - I mean, no! Wait, nevermind! I mean yes!")

That's all for today. Tomorrow I will try to post this lengthy correspondence that I found. It's no Washoe and Reese River, but it's still entertaining.

Having trouble reading the ads? Click one to enlarge!

©2009 Pam Epstein


Unknown December 29, 2009 at 10:21 AM  

Ex animo is definitely 'from the heart' or 'from the spirit' in this context. I can't help wondering if the 'yes, no, yes' is meant to be answering a set of questions asked in another personal or maybe in a letter; if the latter, perhaps Harrie has to reply via personals as the lady in question can't receive correspondence without being watched. Intriguing...

Pam December 29, 2009 at 10:31 AM  

Thanks - I was counting on you!

I think the "yes; no; yes" is definitely in response to a set of questions. I just think it comes off as really funny.

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