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Friday, December 4, 2009

Well, I have fifteen minutes to write a post before leaving, so I just took the first entertaining ad that I saw, and it is pretty amusing.

Diamond. - Be brave! I think! Hope. Pray. Be patient! After this, always happy! I watch and wait! Love, never despair; I will keep for you your own Ruby.

Emphatic much? Actually, my favorite part of this is the: "Be brave! I think!" I assume that what Ruby meant by "I think!" was more along the lines of "I'm planning," or something like that. But it comes off as kind of hilarious (to me) because it reads like, "Be brave! Maybe!" And the exclamation points don't help.

Probably Ruby was just trying to save money to keep this short, because she/he abbreviates so much. ("After this, always happy!") But it does seem so incongruous; on the one hand it's this romantic and hopeful love letter, and on the other hand Rose is scrimping to save money. I mean, I guess people in love have to be careful of their finances as well, but it does take away from the tone of the ad.

I hope that Ruby and Diamond managed to work it out. Odds aren't so good though, if my completely unscientific study of the ads is right. Way more of these couples seemed to end in despair than not.

Managed to finish in my fifteen minutes! Have a great weekend, everyone! Bye!

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