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Fine feathers!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For the record, I have trouble remembered what I wore three days ago.  So how can this guy remember what a woman was wearing in such detail after only meeting her for a few moments?  I don't know too many people - let alone men - who have this kind of memory:


If the young lady who got in a Broadway and Forty-second street omnibus, near the St. Nicholas Hotel, at noon yesterday, waring a small figured green and black silk dress, with purple velvet bonnet and feather, gray and red striped shawl, and who got out at West Thirty-sixth street, would like to make the acquaintance of the gentleman who sat on her left, and who handed her from the omnibus, she will please send a note through the Union square Post office, within three days, stating where an interview may be had; and she will greatly oblige an ardent admirer by addressing as above. Gustave.

Seriously, do you think he was taking notes on her outfit to remember all this so clearly?  Although, on the other hand, how could you not remember?  This young lady was decked out like a Christmas tree!  It's almost as bad as the lady dressed in high fashion whom I wrote about in September.  Green and black dress, purple bonnet and feather, gray and red striped shawl - good heavens!  Is there any color spectrum not represented here?  I guess no wonder he can't forget what she was wearing!

I'm still impressed though; beyond just the colors, he still had quite an eye for detail.  And I suppose when you've got seven missed connection ads on one day (as there were on this particular day), you need to be careful to make sure that there's no confusion.  I'm trying to imagine that red striped shawl next to the purple velvet bonnet and I'm getting dizzy.  I guess this was one way for a woman to find entertainment: how many different colors can I wear today without clashing too dreadfully?  I suppose being flamboyant and getting to dress like a peacock would make up for having to wander around New York in dresses like this!  Not that they aren't pretty, but can you imagine getting on and off omnibuses in a skirt this wide?

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