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Ménage à trois!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Here's a rare one!

Really, this is not something you see everyday - at least not in the nineteenth century. Go on Craigslist and this is tame. Still:

Yesterday, about three o'clock, twenty-third street stage to Grand street. -- Would the two young ladies (one dressed in black) allow the young man who got in at Bleecker street to honorably make their acquaintance? Please address Ardent Admirer, box 197 Herald office. State something so there will be no mistake.

I am sure there is some perfectly reasonable explanation for this; I seriously doubt "Ardent Admirer" was actually thinking about a threesome, but come on! I would love to know what he had in mind. If he hadn't called himself that, I'd think maybe it he had an unromantic purpose in trying to contact them. But he claims to be an ardent admirer, presumably, of both of them! It's possible he's more interested in the one dressed in black but it reads to me that he's just using that as a way to be more specific; otherwise, shouldn't he have said, "Would the young lady dressed in black, accompanied by her friend" etc, etc?

So what did he want with the both of them? Did he want to meet them and then decide which one he liked best? Did he just want two young ladies to hang out with? Three's company and all that? Maybe he has a friend who's also single and he's thinking of double dating. Or was he just ahead of his time and secretly hoping to find two women who'd be willing to indulge in a...ménage à trois??

I know, I know, probably not. But it's fun to imagine!

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