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Isle and Irnob

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A very special person has been helping me do some research over the last year, saving me enormous amounts of time by going through microfilm and copying old newspapers for me. Yesterday, in an effort to stall from doing real work, I finally got around to scanning some of the many, many ads that she uncovered into my computer, which have provided me with a wealth of new material with which to entertain you. So without further ado, I give you the Amazing Adventures of Isle and Irnob:

ISLE. - Yours received. Have confidence in your lover; write to him. I will sacrifice everything for my darling. Don't mind her threats; have courage; deny all questions. She is done. Can I see you? Write to yours. With love. IRNOB

ISLE - Received your personal all right; yes, it is safe to address 272 same st.: write: if confronted by "burden," don't give an inch; there is no proof; deny all knowledge of ever seeing Bay Shore, sheets with corner letter, if shown you. She may say I have confessed. Never! Stand firm and defy production of written documents: there are none in existence; all depends on your pluck and courage to ride the race; threat of separation is all bosh; the worst is over, but you must muzzle your governor and crowd. IRNOB.

ISLE - Would give all to see you; that received 29th, 4 P.M.; don't write to her until I can dictate; I have the letter and know the writer; this will end them; keep on guard, deny everything; courage, and we will win the last race; write and tell me what he thinks. IRNOB

Whoa!! This one is awesome! It's like a spy thriller! My imagination is running wild coming up with the story behind this. Maybe they're just a couple trying to wed and Isle's parents are refusing consent, except this seems way too involved for something that simple. Let's see; perhaps "Isle" lives with evil step-parent who is trying to destroy his/her lover's reputation. Maybe "Irnob" has been accused of parenting an illegitimate child! I am definitely leaning toward this - the "burden" referred to would make perfect sense in this context. But on the other hand, there is definitely a smell of blackmail going on - "she is done," and "I have the letter and know the writer; this will end them" sound pretty threatening.

I'm very intrigued by the names too; wonder if they are anagrams. Isle=Ilse? Irnob=Robin? Or something else entirely?

Can you imagine picking up the paper and seeing these ads over the course of about a week and a half? Imagine the suspense! Will Isle maintain his/her courage and stand firm? Will they win the last race? Who are the governor and the crowd? What on earth does Irnob mean by "Bay Shore, sheets with corner letter"? OMG, is Bay Shore where there was some rendezvous and the sheets on the bed are, like, monogrammed? WTF? I want to know!!!!

Having trouble reading the ads? Click one to enlarge!

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