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Love and loss

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As you can see, these ads were one right on top of the other, and the fact that you can see happiness and heartbreak right next to each other is one of the things that makes these ads so entertaining to me (yes, we all know by now that I find great amusement in dead people's misery). The text reads:

Maria A -
Blessed be those feet, so swift, so airy:
Methinks I see them glide along,
Light as the motion of a fairy,
That trips into the zephyr's song. K.

Ned - For heaven's sake come and see me for I am unhappy and miserable. Darling, why do you stay away, surely you cannot be angry with me. I am going to Philadelphia again next week, and I want you to accompany me; I shall expect to see you this afternoon. Please don't disappoint me, dear. E.F.W.

Ah, love.

Actually, I have no reason to believe that the little poem to Maria A. is between lovers. I mean, the author is only talking about feet, and in fact, never even specifies that they're her feet. It could be, like the two Rangs, whom many of us believed were codes. But, it's more fun to think it's some guy with a fetish, isn't it?

The second, I'm sorry to say, immediately makes me think of a young guy taking advantage of a lonely, slightly wealthy, older woman. I immediately thought of Porthos, from The Three Musketeers, who gets all his money from the lovesick and unhappy wife of an old lawyer. Is that terrible of me? It's just the way it's written - she sounds so desperate - it's very sad. Now, these two ads were in the same column as the cryptic missed connection I wrote about a few weeks ago. So you can imagine how much fun it is for me to see like three different romance novels all in one day.

I can't wait to write that book! All the more reason to finish my dissertation as quickly as possible - and I certainly am close! 51 days to go, folks!

Having trouble reading the ads? Click one to enlarge!

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