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Consolidated Ice and Oblivion

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some of these advertisers came up with bizarre nicknames; Hair Dye and Eyebrows come to mind, for example. But this one takes the cake, no doubt. It reads: "Consolidated Ice - Disappointed; lunch at one Thursday, same place, or telephone eleven sharp; leave Friday, love."

Consolidated Ice??? My assumption here is that Mr. Ice was an employee at a consolidated ice company (or they were meeting at one), which is where you went to get - you guessed right - ice. Because of course, no one had freezers with ice cube making machines in their refrigerators back then. (Also, no refrigerators.) I say "went," but in fact there are still consolidated ice companies today, as a Google search informs me. But even if it makes sense, I don't care. It sounds ridiculous. I just can't take love affairs seriously when people can't even take a moment to come up with something just a little more romantic.

Now this one from the same day is a little more like what I want to see. It reads: "Oblivion. - Thy marvellous [sic] beauty, the music of your voice, the sweet charm of your presence, thrill my existence: no language can reveal my feelings; my life is devoted to you, forever, forever."

That's more like it. I hope the Consolidated Ice people saw this and took note, because clearly this is how a love affair should look!

Blog entries for the next week or so may be brief (and possibly less frequent) as I am preparing to start teaching soon, and, as you may notice from the countdown, I'm heading down to the wire of finishing a full dissertation draft. But I will have some gems for you, so don't go away!

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