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Rain and Snow

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The names aren't as odd as Hair Dye and Eyebrows, the story isn't as romantic as the Canoes, or as lengthy as Sadda and Lalla Rang but still cute.

These should be easy to read, but just in case, the text is here:

Rain - Can't see you till next Friday; Will explain then; don't write me. Snow.

Rain - Your kind words have made me very happy, and many, many thanks for the other ----. Snow.

Rain - My little one, let me know if you are well and if there is anything I can do to prove my love. Snow.

Aw. These were the only three messages between "Rain and Snow," but the last one in particular is very sweet. Although, given that it is the last one, I wonder if that means that Rain just broke off contact and Snow wanted to win him or her back. It's sad how many of these correspondences seem to end badly. I do wonder what "the other ----" is, however. My mind went straight to the gutter when I first saw that, but I suppose I just have a dirty mind. Still, what could "----" be? Nobody knows who these two are - that's the whole point of using the personals and pseudonyms. So why the blank? What has to be hidden here? Which is why, I guess, I immediately went to something that couldn't be printed at all...

Anyway, there are other correspondences like this, some longer. I'll put more up, but that's all for today, folks.

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