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Okay, this is awesome

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I just ran across something that, as a history person, makes me so excited. You might not care as much as I do, but I think if nothing else you'll get a kick out of it. So you all remember this ad from last week.

Will Lizzie, or Clara, or Julia, or any other handsome and agreeable young lady that was seen on Broadway any day last week, and is matrimonially inclined, send her address, enclosing photograph, to Romeo, box 144 Herald office?

Well, I was browsing around this morning looking for a good subject to talk about today, and ran across this, from several days later:

This is, without a doubt, one of the coolest things I have ever seen. (Can you tell I've been in school too long?) The text says:

If any two young gentlemen who were on Broadway any day last week are desirous of forming the acquaintance of the two young ladies who crossed Fulton ferry one day last month, they can do so by addressing either Lizzie or Clara, at station A.

I'm not sure I'm going to express this properly, but let me try. I know (we all know) that people 100 years ago had a good sense of humor - people 400 years ago did (hello, Shakespeare). But this is just so great to me because it's exactly the sort of joking exchange that you might see today. I guess after all the Craigslist-style missed connection ads I've found I shouldn't be surprised. Maybe it's just because it's 8:30am and I didn't expect to see this at all. But the fact that people were doing this through personal ads just proves to me, for one thing, how popular they were - but for another, that people have always been sly and clever and funny in the same ways we are now, and basically haven't really changed much at all.

Fabulous. This just made my day. Hope you got a laugh too.

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