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They met!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

For the most part, it's more or less impossible to know for sure if anyone was responding to missed connection ads at all. How could you, unless some individuals actually saved their letters and passed them down to their children for posterity. Since I'm not going to go through the private collections of every archive in the country, this will be something I will have to live without knowing.

Except right here. Read the text, cause this one is pretty cool:

Lizzie - If you are the lady who, on the 2d of December, in the afternoon, took the small Sixth avenue cars at the corner of Varick and Watts streets, and left it at the corner of Waverly place, your note of the 4th of December, in reply to my advertisement, only reached me yesterday. I have written to you to-day and addressed it as requested (station C,) A.M.A., box 67 Broadway Post office.

First of all, can we talk about the terrible mail service? This ad was posted on Christmas Eve!! Or I guess maybe this guy just wasn't checking his mail? Cause that's a pretty long time for a letter to arrive that was sent within the city. That aside, I was pretty excited when I ran across this ad (I guess only an academic would be excited about finding things on ancient microfilm). For all I know, Lizzie was the only woman who ever responded to a missed connection - it's possible. But, I think, unlikely. I can't really prove anything just through this, but it still gives me a small sense of validation. The romantic in me also wants to believe that the guy must be sincere; if he was just trying to get laid, seems like he would have moved on to someone else by now. But that's much more speculative; maybe this was the only time he got lucky enough to get a response.

In any case, probably no new post tomorrow as it is my birthday and I'll be otherwise engaged. But come back Monday for more!

Having trouble reading the ads? Click one to enlarge!

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